A tabletop RPG customizable to any story or play style — your adventure, your way. This is Worlds Within.

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Simple rules. Sophisticated capabilities.

What if you could finally play the characters you always wanted to play, the way you wanted to play them? Whether you’re a seasoned tabletop gamer or just grabbed your first pair of dice, your unique adventure awaits.

Designed for 2‐5 players, Worlds Within is an entirely new roleplaying game whose innovative mechanics work with any setting or character.

Catered to your imagination.

Perhaps you are a silent hero with a penchant for green clothes and magical music.

Maybe you’re a genetically-engineered supersoldier facing down a grimdark universe . . .

Or a humble rancher, rounding up a surprisingly deadly armageddon of lost farm animals. (We’ll tell that story another time.)

Whether you’re the traditional knight in shining armor or a savvy pilot racing through the skies with a modified steam-powered engine, Worlds Within provides the perfect system for your creations.

Ready to play?

Join the community, grab a friend, and start building your world!

With Worlds Within, you get complete access:

  • The complete Worlds Within Rulebook (digital and/or 5.5” x 8.5” hardcover) — Everything you need to design, narrate, and play in your adventures!

  • The Worlds Within Abridged Guide (digital and/or print), which allows quick reference to simple charts and tables, a catalog of terminology, and more

  • Blank character sheets (digital and/or print)

  • A menagerie of pre-made creatures, items, and abilities to use as examples while making your own (or to borrow for a quick one shot)

  • One versatile roll chart (that’s all you need!) to streamline gameplay

  • Intuitively placed and easy-to-use charts throughout the rulebook

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Want to See a Sample Encounter?

Take a sneak peek at the gameplay along with our easy-to-follow character sheet.

Average Bob woke up in a dark cell, and now he’s in over his head!

Three pages will guide you through the rolls and how they apply in game. Check out Bob’s stats & Abilities. Download the sample encounter here.

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ section or peruse the Q&A log from Ben and the team’s interview on Random Worlds with host Dan Davenport, aka “the Hardboiled GMshoe.”

You can also learn more about the nuts and bolts of the game by listening to Ben and Andrew chat with YouTube personality "Mildra the Monk" here.

What people are saying about Worlds Within

See for yourself what playtesters are saying about Worlds Within!

“Compared with other RPGs I’ve picked up, Worlds Within is a lot easier to learn, but there’s also a lot of nuance where experienced players can really have fun, use the rules to their advantage, and make some really interesting abilities for their character. I really enjoyed Worlds Within, and I would definitely play again.”

— Spencer McQueary

“In other role play games, I’ve had to figure out how to get my idea to fit within the rules. But in Worlds Within, it’s easy to make whatever I want. As a creative, this allows me the freedom I never knew I wanted!”

— Celeste Campbell

“Combat is very fluid and more engaging. It allows you to play your character the way that you want to play it. [The game] feels very cinematic in everything that you do—even though it’s a tabletop game. It's fantastic."

— Russ Clegg

“You literally can do anything. Whatever the h— you want! Compared to other systems I’ve played, the learning curve was not nearly as steep. It takes an afternoon and you’re good to go.”

— Amanda Syphus

“[As the Narrator], what stood out to me was a bigger sense of freedom. Instead of, ‘oh, roll to see if this happens,’ [I could say], ‘hey, you notice this, what can you figure out from there?’ That really gave the players a chance to be creative and figure things out on their own and do some problem solving.”

— Mitchell Christensen

“I really felt like I was encouraged to explore [my character development], and I have never really felt that way with any other system. It came down to the system. It came down to how I was encouraged to utilize the stats to build these abilities that were really themed towards the character. [My Narrator] really [worked] with me on what I wanted, and I loved that partnership.”

— Shannon McQueary

“I’ve played ttrpg’s a couple of times but don’t have a lot of experience. I was worried I would be the worst player at the table and embarrass myself to no end, but it actually went really well! The rules have plenty of depth, but they made sense and were simple enough that I was able to wrap my head around the game and start playing quickly. It was a lot of fun to bring my new character to life, and I am excited to play again!”

— Jodi Bracken

“As someone who’s played D&D and pathfinder, playing Worlds Within for the first time was surprisingly easy to convert to. The system is designed to streamline the mechanics, so creativity is at the forefront. Narrators can focus on bringing their world to life and players can do the same with their characters. I still felt a sense of balance as the session moved forward quickly, eliminating some of the details that can bog down other games. I’m excited to share this game with my friends and family who are new to tabletop RPGs.”

— Amanda Empey

“With Worlds Within, I have the freedom to do what I want, while still having the structure to know how to handle any situation without the game grinding to a halt. Grappling? No problem! Light sword dual? Easy. A single combat doesn't take up the entire session and lets me focus more on roleplay and interaction with my group and Narrator.

Worlds Within is a system that gets out of my way and lets me play the way I want to. The unique knowledge system, the innovative hit point pool, and the defensive rolls all allow my group to have memorable moments in every session, regardless of the setting!”

— David Stead

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Kickstarter Fully Funded!

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        • The complete Worlds Within eBook (EPUB and PDF format)

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        • Blank character sheet (PDF)

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        • A print copy of the Worlds Within Abridged Guide

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      Includes complete digital access with everything from the Basic Edition, plus:

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        • Early access to the Worlds Within App (Alpha)

        • Five (5) sets of custom branded wooden dice

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Worlds Within is designed around creativity and cooperation — it’s a, “yes, and . . .” rather than a, “no, but . . .” system.

The Narrator is a vital part of the team. Their job is to guide adventurers through a story, providing conflict and character growth in equal measure. The result is a push and pull as each participant takes a turn weaving the tapestry of the world.

Up to four Adventurers build their own characters and Abilities to play through the Narrator’s world. We encourage players to focus on concepts over classes. Where does your character’s power come from? What makes them unique? Take these questions and create something completely your own.

One of many unique aspects of Worlds Within is the freedom to design your own Abilities and grow them in strength alongside your character. These Abilities are not limited to attacks — they can, for example, be used to listen in on conversations at an impossible distance or craft advanced technology and robotics. Abilities can even allow you to summon the dead or have telling visions of potential futures.

The possibilities are truly up to you.

If you’re ready to dive in, consider supporting with a pledge or Follow us for updates and join the Worlds Within community.

Simplified Dice Rolls

Worlds Within uses two 6-sided dice for all rolls. Like many traditional TTRPGs, rolls are added to character statistics to determine success in various challenges, including combat. Unlike many other systems, players use four Attributes — 5-8 statistics depending on how you look at it — for the entire game.

These mechanics keep gameplay moving and calculations streamlined.

Flexible Actions

Character turns consist of one Action and one Reaction, both of which let you interact, use Abilities, and fight. Reactions can be taken any time during or between turns, and characters may use available movement during any Action or Reaction. Characters can also design and grow their Abilities to do even more in a turn!

Depending on their Abilities, characters may be able to do even more on a turn!

Dynamic Combat & Healing

Our combat system uses a very simple damage chart that determines the effectiveness of both damage dealt and healing effects.

Because of the relationship between character statistics and our chart, characters rely on developing their Abilities rather than accumulating cumbersome amounts of “health points.” This system also rewards accuracy: an accurate hit always deals more damage, just like in real life.

Incremental Power

Rather than awarding arbitrary experience, characters grow through gaining Power. Every point of Power makes you stronger, and the more Power you accumulate, the more you can use to develop your Abilities. Consequently, the greater your Abilities are, the more powerful your character is!

Adaptable Abilities

Abilities — composed of Effects and Modifiers — are the central mechanic of this game. By choosing different combinations, players can easily learn to create any Ability they wish and determine the corresponding costs for their character to learn and use those Abilities.

Balanced Crafting & Equipment

The same mechanics used for Abilities seamlessly apply to crafting objects, equipment, machines, robots, ships, buildings, and so on. To help you design your own, we provide you with plenty of easy-to-use examples.

Simple Resource Management

All Abilities draw energy from Spirit, which represents both the physical and metaphysical resources that empower your actions. Characters can replenish Spirit with rest or recover more with items and equipment.

Realistic Learning

In place of rolling dice, Worlds Within uses a tiered, expandable Knowledge system based on a character’s statistics and personal experience. This approach more effectively reflects what characters know and learn. Knowledge is never a senseless, random gamble! You know what you know!

The Bottom Line

Many more tidbits of flavorful and fun game mechanics help provide a smooth, fast-paced, and realistic gameplay experience. But once you learn the basics — which you can actually do in one sitting — the process becomes so easy, your focus will shift from whether or not you can do something to what it is you actually want to do!

When it comes to rules (and anything else), we believe in quality over quantity. Everything you need to play fits in one small book you can easily slip into a purse or satchel and tote anywhere.

Ready to try Worlds Within?

Don’t take our word for it.

Find out for yourself why we love playing this game and can’t imagine going back to anything else.

Meet the Team

Team member 1
Ben Collet

Ben designed, developed, and wrote all the things. Makes wurds gud. Tells people what to do. Likes swords. Has hair and a personality.

Our brave leader, Ben keeps this party of adventurers together. He’s the guy you call when you’re in trouble or just need sh— done. He's the author of Worlds Within and believes life is about forging connections.

Team member 2
Braden Olsen

Braden software engineered all the things. Also a generous techno-sugar-daddy-wizard-mage. Also has great hair and personality. Likes magic more than swords?

Braden conjures technology from the void and makes all of the portals connect. He loves a chance to tinker and solve a problem. We count ourselves lucky to have such a funny, reliable friend.

Team member 3
Andrew Christensen

Andrew developed things and marketed all the things. Knows about the sneakret law-magic. Has really great hair and personality. Also likes swords.

A jack-of-all-trades, Andrew has a gift for seeing possibilities. With an enthusiasm that’s contagious, his most common response might just be, “Sure, I can do that.”

Team member 4
Suzanna Collet

Suzanna edited and designed the things. Makes wurrds guddest. Does all the work no one else wants to, and makes it look purdy. Likes bows more than swords . . . what are we talking about here again? Has the best hair and personality.

Suzanna is probably an elf. Probably. Incredibly competent, humble, and professional, she puts her mind to mastering anything she doesn’t already understand. If you need something done with precision, there’s no one better.

Dear Adventurer,

Understand that this system isn’t a compendium of pre-generated worlds and creatures. To do so would be to establish the limited perspectives of a few as the standard of what your creations should look like.

Rather than define the bounds of your creativity with numerous lists of preconceived concepts, we have worked diligently to create a system so simple and powerful that it takes the chore out of creation, and lets you actually enjoy the process.

What we’ve worked so hard on is to empower you, and restore the standards of fun and imagination through ingenuity, for both player and narrator.

Our goal has never been to give you our Worlds Within.

Our goal has always been to give you your Worlds Within.

Let your imagination soar!

Best regards,
- Ben and the Worlds Within Team


What type of dice does Worlds Within use, how many, and why? Does it use more in other situations?

  • Worlds Within uses a 2d6, and ONLY 2d6! (You could technically play WW with just 1d6 and roll twice, if you don't mind extra turn time.)

    We chose to use two 6-sided dice for many reasons, but here are a few:

      • 6 sided dice are the most common, well known, and accessible dice out there!

      • 2d6 lets us use fun, unique mechanics when rolling doubles!

      • Adding more dice for various situations just adds unnecessary variables in calculations and numerical complexity.

      • Additionally, constantly having to switch to the appropriate dice further adds to turn time. It all adds up, and while the statistics certainly add to the fun, we want that element to be as streamlined as possible.

How does combat work without hit point bloat?

  • Everyone (and everything) has 10 "Health." This means that Resistances (armor, defensive techniques, supernatural abilities, etc.) are what scale to better protect you and others. This prevents everyone from arbitrarily growing an ever increasing pool of health that quickly becomes both unrealistic and cumbersome in terms of punishment and combat duration. This also means combat is both faster, and more exciting!

Do you spend your “experience points” directly to increase your character power?

  • Our Power tree/pyramid (reflected in our character sheet) Is not only the grand total of a character's Attributes, but also the means by which players can grow further. Every point of Power lets you invest directly into your character further—both in Attributes and in developing Abilities!

Is there a level system … or just total “experience points” used to balance encounters?

  • The Power system we use also takes care of encounter balancing, being a far more reliable way of gauging combat and situational difficulty. No additional formulas needed!

Does the same system work/apply to social conflicts?

  • Social conflicts/non-combat encounters are absolutely covered by the same system. Abilities all stem from Power, which lets you develop your characters' combat and non-combat Abilities the way you want, when you want. We have detailed guides on how to make your Abilities, a slew of example versions, and how you can use the same, simple system to make everything else! We even have a Narrator's guide that discusses basic sessions and adventure structure, storytelling, and even group dynamics!

Do you plan to release more editions of the system? What about more content in general?

  • From the beginning, we have designed Worlds Within to be a singular, complete edition. We don't believe in planned obsolescence, and are firmly against creating volume strictly for financial gain.

  • As far as additional content, it has always been our plan to create and share more in the form of premade Adventures and create a community where ideas for settings, Abilities, items, creatures, and games can be found, joined, and shared. In fact, we are developing a marketplace as a convenient hub for you to sell your third-party creations, and network with each other! We just need your help spreading the word!